Friday, July 16, 2010

"Digital Diplomacy" in NYT Magazine

Check out this week's NYT Magazine's piece on "Digital Diplomacy" on social networking and the two chicos at the forefront of bringing new technologies into the State Department. While I remain on the fence, generationally and otherwise, about the impact of twittering one's way through diplomatic relations, the fact that mobile phones have become such widely accessible tool for even the world's poor makes a strong case for paying attention to these newish means of communicating.

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  1. I might add to these observations the abuse of social media. Quite simply, one individual is capable of generating thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of "likes". The herd mentality of the impressionable youth can easily be moved to "stampede mode" based on push a few buttons, first on an electronic device, then on the emotional computers of the idealists.