Friday, August 6, 2010

Dangerous DC

By the way, did you know that DC's murder rate is four times that of the DF (that's Mexico City to you gringos, aka el defecal to more cynical locals)? And a think tank in Mexico, which I have not had a chance to check out yet, claims that Mexico's murder rate is still lower today than it was a decade ago when the PRI, who many assume looked the other way while the narcos built the foundations of Mexico's current drug economy, was about to lose their first presidential election (well, by official counts anyway) in seven decades. Brazil and a number of Caribbean and Central American countries look quite nasty in comparison to Mexico lindo too. Thanks to USA Today for this surprisingly positive bit of a reality check--see the article in this past Wednesday's edition (8/4/2010).

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  1. That is what I kept telling all of my family as we prepared to go to Mexico. "It is so dangerous," they would say. Yeah, but I lived in D.C. for the past five years, and that can be one dangerous city. The key is just knowing where you shouldn't be, and if you're going out at night, go with at least one other person.